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Welcome to Jones Family Network Solutions!

JFNS.INFO was created so that I could stay in touch with my family, without having to go through other major social networks. The other major networking sites are for friends, family, and people around the world. The problem with those networks is that they have so much more to them, or it's difficult to sort through posts. Plus, they are not centered around my family specifically, so I intend to have that setup here.

About JFNS

Joshua started the idea of JFNS in 2010, and then purchased the web space in 2011. The initial goal was to enable the family to have a central hub for information, family newsletters, and contact. In addition, he planned on building websites, where this space could be a host. It is now currently a personal site.

While progress on the site has been slow, Joshua has had some other priorities take precedent, which has placed the website on the back burner. Things will pick up again soon, most likely when the major portion of school is complete, since Joshua is working on attaining his Bachelors degree in technology.

Coming Soon!

Social Portal

The several options that have been tried have had issues, and creating a portal from scratch is out of the question. Researching choices continues…


There are over 200 family members so far! The part that takes the longest is verification, which must be done through as many sources as possible.

Community Blog

With such busy lifestyles, it's difficult to just make a call. Therefore, a site for families' newsletters and stories are essential to update the rest.

Future Plans

Joshua has acquired his Associate degree in Computer Science, and is currently working on the Bachelor degree. The future plans include separating areas of the site and possibly to incorporate a family cloud storage for everyone to have a secure spot for file-sharing, which will allow the free-flow of pictures and documents.

Joshua's personal plans include several certifications in the IT field. Until certain ones are obtained, there is a possibility of some stagnation, but rest assured, he will work on things as time and finances become available.


Caldwell, ID - The Northwest End of the Treasure Valley